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Monday Lovely Monday!

Monday Lovely Monday!

Happy Monday, Lovers!  Welcome to autumn.  The morning is a little bit crisper and there is a chill in there air.  But, I am content as a lot of wonderful things have happened to me in the last nine months.  I’m not talking about the realm of professional stuff; I just mean that this year has been really nice.

Yeah, of course it has had its stress and frustrations, but there is this sense of feeling a lot of happiness and personal joy, and appreciation of all that I have.  I’m in the process of limbering up for the Designer Vintage Bridal Show – where I will be alongside my bloggistas and getting my hustle on as on the design side of things I have been mental!  I will have some updates to the Beyond Beyond, and Hello Lover ranges soon!

However, it has been a massive case of Tick, Tick, BOOOOM – with Haboglabo of late! As you would have seen with a bit of design narcissism that I threw up on the blog a wee bit back.

So, where does that bring us up to…  I guess it is time for this week’s Heroes

I swear it will be the last time, but yeah, waving  off the Olympians means saying goodbye to what has been an incredible London summer.  I was a sceptical cynic turned believer, and the achievements of everyone go to show what sacrifice and determination mean. Also massive shout out to the incredible volunteers!  They were fantastic!!!

The link love goes to:

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Tessa & Eddie via Brooklyn Bride

Bridal Sweetness via Kiss The Groom

True + Dat

One of the things I’m guiltiest of at times is impatience, I’m so insistent that where I am and what I’m doing at the moment is irrelevant that I’m sometimes chomping at the bit to do something different.  It’s the main reason why being a freelancer in design is so much fun, as the point where the boredom and repetition sets in is about the point that I am ready to do a new project.

But, I am aware that patience makes perfect and it far better to be focused on what is happening in the here and now, as opposed to worrying about what tomorrow may bring, or starting another epic project whilst leaving lots of unfinished endings in the present.  Patience will bring you everything that you want, and on the flipside there is a paradox to this – there is no such thing as absolute perfection.  It’s all perfectly imperfect, and that is just fine.

So downy this one:


iPhone/iPod touch

iPhone 4s


Wallpaper ( this is a wee bit bigger than last time, and the I realised that 1024 x 768 isn’t doing it for everybody)

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