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Monday Lovely Monday

Monday Lovely Monday

February 27, 2012  |  Found and beautiful, Inspiration, Off Topic

Hello Lovers and Lovelies *pinches some bottoms, kisses some cheeks* welcome to Monday, you might have noticed like Engine, Engine number 9 the website came off  the proverbial tracks this weekend.  It is being a rather naughty thing – we went to the garden of England, and it decided to go and frolic in the sunshine.  It  is back now!  Praise the lord (and the tech guys – we loves em!).  so, it means that we are back to Monday.

This weeks hero Marie Colvin, might seem like an odd one to have on a wedding blog – but you’ve got to salute the amazing bravery of someone who is willing to go to the heart of conflicts – and lay down their life, for the sake of being able to give voice to the voiceless.

So this weeks follow goes to Amnesty International  I appreciate the fact that I have the freedom to express myself, and live in the exact way that I want – and it is a right that sadly not everyone has – so go to the website and may it inspire you to donate.

And in slightly lighter news our link love five for the week is:

Taking couples shoots to another level – Switcheroo

A bit of Gatsby Trendspotting (we know it is gonna be all over wedding world this year like Maple Syrup on pancakes)

Chris and Kayla: a Socal Love

Notebooks from Julie Kostreva

Lehua and David

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  1. Great picks and I like the way that you mixed things up, it is good to see that Marie Colvin has been featured plus Amnesty international. This is why I love your blog!

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