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Monday Lovely Monday

Monday Lovely Monday

Why hello there, and welcome to 11.30am, I’ll try that again 10.30 – it is officially the Autumn winter portion of proceedings my lovers as the clocks have gone back meaning that Mr Sun, is putting his hat on far earlier than normal.

Usually this would be a time when I would be aiming acerbic diatribes at this year’s festival of fleeting fame also known as Xfactor 2012, or I’m attempting to resuscitate my career I’ve got mortgage payments yo! Strictly… but this year, they aren’t really doing much normally my twitter is a running stream of abusive comments, it could be that I’ve become all Zen.  But, I’m off the reality contest crack – so before you start snoozing, I’ve spent more time seeing people, seeing things, and doing things.

As for the last fortnight you would have seen the shift in schedule pretty much complete other than a couple of thangs, that I have left to share and update chicken wings that is it.  Oh and apologies for being a design miscreant I will have more of the True Dat series, I just have a bundle of pretties to finish for the magazine so normal service of the design kind will return soon on that front!

This week’s follow is MEEEEEEEE! Because, I’m a narcissist, but I will make you laugh and share wedding things.  I promise xoxo

So, that brings me to the next portion of events, plus stuff that I am loving and liking.

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Anna Sophia Robb aka Baby Carrie – she is just so freaking adorable, although I’m not too interested in sweet teen Carrie, older psychologically damaged and dysfunctional relationship Carrie floats my boat a whole lot more. Although, it will most likely end up guilty pleasure watching as I’m still no 100% sold on girls.


Events and Discounts

Charlotte Casadéjus and many more at The Discover Vintage Wedding Fair and The London Vintage Wedding Fair

Candy Anthony – Sample Sale // Up to 20% Off

Brides Magazine Super Sample Sale // 2nd November 2012


Link Love

This oh heck freaking yes!  What a delicio-oh-so wedding – via Ruffled

Oh and this via Strictly Weddings

Just £200,000 worth of bling for your wedding, as you do…

Oh this can get it via 100 Layer Cake

And oh hells yeah this from Brooklyn Bride

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