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Monday Lovely Monday!

Monday Lovely Monday!

November 19, 2012  |  Events, Found and beautiful, Inspiration

Oh life is a funny creature, and it is never more of a jokester on a Monday. On it always a bittersweet day; especially when you have to get back to the grindstone – but when your grindstone is filled with confetti, pretties, and all kinds of loveliness… it isn’t all that bad.

So, what is turning my pages, what is happening, and who am I crushing on… well, that’s up now.

For longevity and services to giving good face, she is a stone cold beauty who gathers no moss – we Kate Moss I have a girl crush on you, especially for the Gold dress that you wore for your book launch. Delicious!

Photograph by Partrick Demarchelier, From: Kate: The Kate Moss Book

Link Love goes to:

A whole lot of design love goes to Simon Woodroffe – this is magic!

Pretties from Studio Flood via Wit & Delight

Natural Wedding Inspiration via The Pretty Blog

Wedding gorgeousness from Claire Pettibone & Debbie Carlisle via Love My Dress

Sarah Seven 2013 via Green Wedding Shoes – S.T.U.N.N.I.N.G

True + Dat

It’s not the apocalypse, it’s just Monday… build a bridge lovers, breathe and stop – download some wallpaper and you will get over it. Seriously, when you see Britney on American Idol, you can almost forget about the Federline fiasco and the head shaving. Like a rubber ball – you can bounce back!

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Fist bumps, Namaste, much love and thanks for being good, if you don’t a pox on you and your family. A pox!!!

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