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Monday Lovely Monday

Monday Lovely Monday

Good Morning!  It is good to be back to a sort of normal schedule as I’ve been doing loads of behind the scenes bits on the magazine and some development pieces to the site.  I will share more soon as I don’t want to keep dropping teasers – I’ll share everything with you, soon! So, thanks for your patience on that front.

So, that leads me to what I’ve been looking at on the internet.  I will keep it real with you other than Facebook posts and email – well you will find lovers, that I’ve not really looked at much.  But, the few things that I did view that blew the little of my mind that is left were as follows:

Link Loves goes to:

Fresh This Fine Morning on Love My Dress – A Gorgeous Barn Wedding

A Handcrafted Picnic – Anna Hardy

An Ethical Wedding at Home – Gorgeousness via Rock n Roll Bride

Join The Wedding inspiration community on Google+ via Bridal Musings

Pretty in Pastel New England Wedding via Grey Likes Weddings

Girl Crush

Image: Tavi Gevinson in Bust from Giant Artist

Intelligent and ridiculously talented – I’m not going to make mention of her age as I don’t like that kind of reductionism, it’s also disingenuous, amaze is amaze at any age. It truly makes me smile to see a role model in the truest sense – who writes, creates, and lives her truth; both professionally and creatively. The salute of the morning has go to Tavi

True + Dat

Normally, I’d be pimping my own piece, however due to the fact that I’m going boss eyed and being a pixel obsessive on something else I thought that the True + Dat will have to come from someone else and the great thing is that I get to pimp someone else’s work instead. The True + Dat glory goes to Dazeychic.

‘What a Wonderful Life Print’ Available to buy via Dazeychic

Love this print, and love the thought behind it – I woke up with a smile on my face, overwhelmed by just how blessed I am; and not in terms of material,  just  the intangibles that can’t be measured like family, friendship, hot tea on winter’s day, the icy kiss of the morning wind, Bird song, the yellow roses that are still in bloom at the front of my house, laughter, hanging out with my gorgeous Mum.

I may not have everything I want, but I certainly have everything that I need – and  in those moments of gratitude, I’m reminded just how wonderful life is when you take time for a bit of appreciation.

Events – Turn the Tide Christmas Appeal

Four countries. Four bloggers. One great cause.

This Christmas, SouthBound Bride, b.loved, Magnolia Rouge and At First Blush & Co. have joined together to raise money for Starfish Greathearts Foundation. As bloggers, we spend every day finding the prettiest and most inspiring ideas, but there’s nothing more inspiring to all of us than the fantastic work done by Starfish amongst AIDS orphans in South Africa. They bring hope and support to so many children who desperately need it, and at this time of year more than ever, it’s time to give back and help to turn the tide.

We hope you’ll give generously, and to celebrate this appeal, we’re giving away four styled couple shoots (one each in the US, New Zealand, South Africa and the UK). Each will be photographed by a top photographer (details to be announced) and styled by ourselves and our associates. They are perfect for an engagement, an anniversary, or just to honour your relationship!

Here’s how it works:

  1. Donate through JustGiving at our official page – you can give any amount, but every cent really does count!
  2. Go to our Facebook page and leave us a comment saying in which of the countries you are based, and telling us your love story.
  3. In January we’ll narrow entries down to a top 3 for each location, and readers will have the chance to vote to select our winners.

Thank you so much for your support!

About Starfish:

Starfish Greathearts Foundation is an international development charity, aiming to bring life, hope and opportunity to children in South Africa, who have been orphaned or made vulnerable by HIV/AIDS.

Starfish is the response of a global community of people on a passionate quest to change perspectives, beliefs and ultimately outcomes for the growing number of orphaned and vulnerable children in South Africa.

Starfish seeks to inspire individuals around the world to take positive action against the tragedy of children orphaned or made vulnerable by this crisis.  In the last seven years, thousands of people across the globe have embraced the Starfish vision, contributing to the community based care that we’re now providing for thousands upons thousands of children in South Africa year on year.

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