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Monday Lovely Monday

Monday Lovely Monday

It is time for some Monday Magic – yes, I know the cold it is more magic than tragic, but I still have my New Year’s mojo happening.  Although my hands are still like blocks of ice!  Today’s True Dat is of the computer wallpaper variety!  Whatever it is… Let it go!


1680 x 1050

1440 x 900

1280 x 1024

1024 x 768

Youngest Oscar nominee in history, and I truly hope that she wins the adorable and talented Quvenzhané Wallis!

The Link love goes to:

Nesting: Gold Side Table Makeover – via a Beautiful Mess

Something Borrowed, Something Brewed – via Belle Amour

The Fern Dress – via Grey Likes Wedding (We love the new site design!!!)

Glamourous Gold and Blue – via Snippet and Ink

Two Lovely Things: Everything Gilded – via Snippet & Ink

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    Thanks for the linkage 😀

    You’re awesome xxx

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