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Monday Lovely Monday!

It is the last Monday of January, which means first official payday of the new year!  So, I look forward to buying a limited amount of shiny pretty thing it is an age of austerity after all.  However, the best things in life are free which brings us to the True + Dat.

You are wonderful, just thought I would tell  you that for the day.

And now we come to the luuuuuurvve!

This week’s link love is:

Stephane Rolland spring 2013 couture via A Glamourous Side Project

In the works – I love that Sugar sign – via Eat Drink Chic

Springtime Bohemian Dinner Party – via Grey Likes Weddings

Pink Vintage Wedding – via One Wed

The Invitation Situation – via The Unreal Bride

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  1. You are wonderful xxxxx Thanks for the mention. Happy Shiny Shopping!

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