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Monday Lovely Monday

Monday Lovely Monday

Well, cometh the hour cometh the Monday.  And something beautiful happened over the weekend, the morning was lighter than usual and the sun was out.  It was a beautiful weekend and I hope that it was one that was filled with lots of the lovely for you!

I’m still doing behind the scenes stuff… ooh yeah! So, be warned it is going to be as chopped and screwed as ever.  Changes a foot I tell you, changes are a foot, and a leg, and an arm and a head – gah! I’m just being grammatically silly.

Today, be a boss like Rick Ross… I’m not going to elaborate on that, make it mean whatever you want.  Now plaster that on your screen, and you can be a fake gangster by using the left over foil from Wrigley’s Juicy Fruit to create your own temporary grills.

Download your wallpaper… NOW!

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1440 x 900
1280 x 1024
1024 x 768

She makes jerk pork like a boss and is ridiculously beautiful, how can you not love Jourdan Dunn?

Link love goes to:

The Business Bites Series on Rock n Roll Bride, business bite is a great way of finding ideas for your wedding business.  But, then I simply love The Green Room – there is tons of inspiration for you to grow your business.

Happy Heart Day – seriously I love everything on her blog – but what the heck let’s have a little love in post V-day via Eat Drink Chic

Game of Thrones Engagement shoot – I know another visit to Rock n Roll Bride, so sue me!

This is a new site that I’m really excited to see – love the trailer and trust and really respect the gorgeous lady behind it… I predict awesomeness, yes siree Bob! – Love Scarlett!

An MC Motors Wedding – it’s hot! on Rock My Wedding

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