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Monday Lovely Monday

Monday Lovely Monday

This morning I’ll be mainly cooing and sighing over the dresses that I spied, and the catwalk magic of the White Gallery, I used to dream of living in IKEA; a different fake room to live in each night and Swedish meatballs for dinner… but neigh (see what I did there)….

Now I want to live in a bridal boutique each day wearing something new, flowing, lacy and marvellous, now if anyone would like me to be a live-in model; you can pay me in dress fittings and the chance to saunter around in gowns and I am all yours!

True + Datface-the-music-and-dance

Today’s is a True + Dat in a poster sized variety – and if you want some sexy prints with which to adorn your walls  you can always pick up pieces of pretty from Hello Lover. Today, is all about the Tao of Nat King Cole… pull  out your best moves, face the music and dance; and while you’re at it view a visual compendium of  Old Hollywood footloose and fancy free magic.

Download your free a4 poster (don’t steal or edit the copyright is mine I tell you mine!!! But feel free to share – that shows you care)



Angelina Jolie, not deifying her, or comparing her to anyone else but her diginity and the way she has handled this despite being in the public eye is incredible.  Read her and the stories of all the other women on the Pink Lotus Breast Center site.

This week the link love goes to:

The perfect pair via Brooklyn Bride

Lucy and Simon via London Bride

Stunning shoot and a discount // Gibson Bespoke via Bridal Musings

A Touch of Vegas via Rock n Roll Bride

May Day Marriage via Rock My Wedding

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  1. and a free poster for you to print a home courtesy of moi – plus monday link love>>> http://t.co/NdQXEOvtnW

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