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Monday Lovely Monday

Monday Lovely Monday

I’ll keep it brief, the sun is shining, the weather is blinging, and the darkness is gone!  So, instead of being subversive and eating ice cream in the winter  – I know have to flip the script and wear a winter coat and scarf – while knocking back Hot Chocolate laced with Whisky! Yay!

This weeks follow goes to @SpikesandHeels – this is a brand new site aimed at women which isn’t patronising, and isn’t related to man catching or body hatred either.  Just giving girls the confidence to go for theirs when it comes to sports and fitness! Love it

This week’s hero in a bizarre twist is Courtney Stodden – trying to figure out whether she is the feminist equivalent of Kaiser Soze, also I like her nod to the early 90’s with her penchant for frosted pink lipstick.  It’s like Kelly Kaposki from Saved by the Bell, meets lapdancer.  She is bizarrely fascinating in a way that disturbs and fascinates me by alternate twists.  See her shenanigans in *ahem cough splutter* the Daily Mail.

Our fab five for the week!

Batman nails

Melissa shoes Super Model Style

Kinfolk mag

Las // Vegas // Lovers (cheating but this is from one site!)

and another plug for Spikes + Heels!

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  1. Great round up and I like Spikes and Heels already, and as always thanks for the LOLs. That Stodden girl is shocking!

  2. thanks for the womens fitness tip…. need it after 2 weeks in usa…. eeeek. xx

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