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A Notting Hill Romance: Ben & Iman

January 23, 2013  |  Love Shoots, Lovely Couples, UK Weddings

What could cheer you up more in the snow other than rewinding to the summer (stop your collective groaning and moaning! We’re sorry – but let the marshmallow hot chocolate times roll and you can fantasise about your plans for summer 2013, and how you plan to do the sunshine gangster lean!).

These gorgeous images which are blowing summery kisses at you this afternoon are from the vision and the lens of the lovely Lucy of My Heart Skipped (wait for it, easy metaphor for us) and our hearts skipped (ta-dah! *high fiving ourselves for use of company name in a pun) when we saw these images of Ben and Iman, in a little place called Notting Hill! – And no floppy haired Mr Hugh Grant, and no Julia Roberts in sight.

This lovely, playful shoot captures the joie de vivre of the couple, this is the perfect city romance.  So, enough from us and time for you to enjoy some shutter candy – get your visual freak on!

The photographic glory goes to: My Heart Skipped

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  1. I used to live around Notting Hill so this shoot brings a real smile to me face. Nice photography.

    Jessica x

  2. Always great to see a pre wedding shoot out mingling with the public. Not many like to do that nowadays!

  3. So unique how they used the hearts against the brick wall, I really love it!

  4. Greta pics.. really nice outdoor shots


  5. I live close by Nothing Hill. These photos are great, the couple look so chilled and happy in the casual clothes. A breath of fresh air from the usual formal look of wedding photos.

  6. A really lovely shoot. Beautifully original!

  7. The photographs on the brick wall just rocks! Thank you for sharing!

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