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Pinwheel Wizard!

What is a day without a bit of DIY? Well, lovelies if you are in the mood for some paper primping we found this truly amazeballs tutorial over on Evie-S; and you can become a pinwheel wizard in next to no time at all. These were originally made for a baby shower – but we think that these would make awesome decoration.  Either a centrepiece or mixed up with a bit of bunting… you know style it all up.  Anyhoo – well let the words end and the tutorial begin.  Have some papery waggery and get yourselves over to Evie S.

The photographic glory belongs to: Evie S

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  1. Ooh pretty yellow and all! I am heading over to the tutorials now!

  2. Kis, Evie-S is like a blinking craft genius all her tutorials are amazeballs!

  3. RT @beyondbeyond365: Pinwheel Wizard {Up on the blog} http://fb.me/LlQyuG2Y

  4. These are fab! Thanks for sharing 🙂

  5. My fiance and I are both musicians, so I am making these with music paper for my wedding! They are harder to make than they look, but using a paper cutter and cutting 3 strips of paper and hot gluing them all together and finishing it off with a cute button in the center really works!

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