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The Ribbon Factor

Every time we say ribbon up in this female dog, you can guarantee that we are going to do our usual spurious song shenanigans and pull out ribbon in the sky.  But, since we have done the Stevie version, and the Intro version (not actual introversion , it is a personality quirk that has bypassed us, we mean the band intro – demi kings of the new jack swingers, look them up there vocal stylings were rather fantabulous).

Anyhoo, you know we like a song to go with a post – so we figured, you can pump out some Mariah ‘she’s on fire’ – and play Ribbon.

However, if the rocker in you refuses the Carey and her 8 octave vocals – you can have Sisters of Mercy instead so play the song that floats your boat and we can get our ribbon on.

When we talk of getting our ribbon on, this isn’t some new fangled dance craze such as the ridiculously politically incorrect Wheelchair Shawty, the Harlem Shake (resurrected by the shiny suitedness of Mahamed on the Junior Apprentice ‘Bad Boy for life’)  or the Bernie (yes truly a dance inspired by Weekend at Bernie’s)

It is all about the beauty of pretty ass ribbon… and since we aren’t the only people in wedding world who love ourselves ribbon please check out the lovely Chloe Adlington; Adore by Chloe (well done on your Cosmo Award nom – woop woop!), A Low Country Wedding and Madam Broussard the bride who is straight outta Brooklyn… ahem Brooklyn Bride, we are full of habitual line stepping pep, so give allow us on the wordplay. It is Ribbon time a-go-go!

The photographic glory and link love goes to: Proper Photography CA (See full wedding on Ruffled), Our Labour of Love,Yvette Roman (see full wedding on Style Me Pretty), Jose Villa, Nate Henderson (see full wedding on Southern Weddings), Hip Hop Hooray Blog

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  1. LOVE. that second shot, so so beautiful!! We thought about doing this for our wedding, it’s such a great idea and it travels well too!

  2. These are such great ideas so lovely!

  3. LOVE! I so want a ribbon wall at our venue!

  4. So cute, have i got the patience – nope, but for those who do, it does look super

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