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Retro//Spective: Debs Ivelja

January 22, 2013  |  European Wedding, Love Shoots, Real weddings

Retro//spective :  Debs Ivelja // September 2011
The Couple: Sophie & Julien
Location! Location! Location!: Cote d’Or region of Burgandy, France
We were multiplexing: Apollo 18
We were listening to: Stay Awake // Example

The photographic glory goes to: Debs Ivelja

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  1. It’s time for a retro//spective the amazing debs ivelja photography>>> http://t.co/dhGcEEql {Up on the blog} http://t.co/wbWPaq39

  2. oh so beautiful. love Debs work, love this couple. esp love the confetti shots! beautiful work. xx

  3. Gorgeous images – the confetti images are beautiful

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