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A Ring of Thread

July 5, 2011  |  Found and beautiful, Inspiration

Hello Lovers, just to reiterate I’ve closed comments on this for the two reasons:

1. I promised a tutorial but the point was to be a tutorial ‘inspired by’ not a direct copy of another creatives work, when a tutorial is created it will be a derivative not a direct clone of someone elses creativity. The metal part is hand created by Lunatic Art from reclaimed silver.

2. The gorgeous rings were and are made by Lunatic Art if you want to support an independent artist, then buy a ring from the Lunatic Art store.

You know us we like to go off on a tangent and there is no other rhyme or reason for this post other than we love the bones of this design.  How can you not love a macramé ring, (after all rings of thread are much nicer and friendlier than rings of steel; in the ring world these babies would give you a cup of tea and a slice of cake) and more than that macramé rings in fact as these are stacking rings, baby!  We think that when designers die they go to Etsy heaven and it is Etsy well the store of Lunatic Art to be precise where these lovelies emerged from.

Of course you can give them out as pressies as we are all about rewarding your bridal homegirls, but we just love the craftsmanship and these are unique little beauties.  So, if you just want to buy yourself something because like the L’Oreal ad says ‘You’re worth it’ then get your shop on… but if you want to get a lovely crafty pressie for someone then you can do that too.  The beautiful Back to Roots stacking ring from Lunatic Art.

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  1. Your not going to believe this but talk about synchronicity! I’m a wedding Photographer from Northern Ireland – whose just finished doing a vegan wedding and the wedding rings chosen were not gold…they were these stacking rings! I couldn’t believe it! Guess more people think these are cooler than you think… enough to share a commitment with! Thanks for the post!

  2. Oh! I have one of these rings! I have the gray one and I wear it all the time..I love it! I definitely need to get more sometime soon. And the seller is so sweet, too. 🙂

  3. These rings look great, thanks for the post.

  4. Beautiful rings!