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Scheming and Dreaming

This is some seriously dreamy scheming up in here!  This beautiful wedding which you need to go scope out in full this the gorgeous day California Love of Rachel and Dustin via the amazeballs 100 Layer Cake, it is just so gorgeous!!! And you can’t go wrong with a streamer background.

Anyhoo it is Friday and you need a spurious track to go with this so we are going to do the double.  Hello Dre and Tupac, and Hello Dream Warriors… do some California Love before you start California dreaming!

The photographic glory goes go: Fresh in Love

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  1. What a gorgeous picture that backdrop is amazing!

  2. Got to love color….. GORGEOUS!!!!!

  3. Love this pic, featured this on my blog wed, its like a ribbon wall….but better (somehow!!)

  4. Erica – it is too gorgeous!
    Sofia – isn’t it TOTAL colour fest
    Madison – I will have to pay you a blog visit I know you have great taste and find loads of lovelies!!!

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