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Super Simple Cake Toppers // DIY

August 2, 2011

We love DIY, but we love easy DIY projects; and this project is the easiest little project ever.  These super cutiful cake toppers were DIYed by Pilli Pilli and we spied them on Paper and Stitch.

These were used with a little heart shaped paper punch but the variations of this are endless you could double heart these bad boys and we found this set of paper punches on Amazon.

Go on, go on, get your paper freak on!

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  1. Great idea! RT @beyondbeyond365: Super Simple DIY Cake Toppers! {Up on the blog} http://fb.me/Uxeff3iX

  2. I love it, homemade cupcake toppers better than those plastic things sold in stores, and very simple to make.

  3. Love these. Must not makes cakes though!!

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