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Envy Never Looked So Good!

Envy Never Looked So Good!

Seriously freaking, stop it…

Just stop it, stop messing with our irises…

Stop making our hearts break…

Stop making us wonder why we bothered with uni…

Stop making us regret all the graphic design books we bought…

Stop clouding our minds with darkness…

Stop twisting out minds with ferocious despair…

You, Jenna and Grayden, make us wanna revert to Zygote status and begin our design life again… if there were poison (with ice cubes and an over the top club Tropicana Hawaiian vacation straw) we would drink it!

Jenny & Grayden’s Wedding Website, is more of a boss than Rick Ross… *sigh a little, cry a little, wonder what’s the point of learning HTML5 a little*.  We find your need to excel us in the digital design arena both reprehensible and irresponsible, we aren’t mean enough to curse your marriage… but when you have breakfast in bed we hope that your toast is dark brown, to almost burnt.  *Does the gangster strut to the toilet, slams the door, and cries over the porcelain throne… don’t think that this is what Yeezy and Jay Z had in mind in terms of watching the throne*

Envy Never Looked so Good!

Envy Never Looked so Good!

All kinds of design envy over the colour palette-ness, the kerning-ness, the yearning-ness and soul burning-ness, oh spurious and random let’s throw in Eliot Ness too..

*sigh* Some days, we think of making a little knapsack with some crayons and a notebook,  and travelling hobo style with a sign saying will write for good.  Because with design this good, we are liable to starve to death. *looks at ground and let’s tears fall* The Garden Party Kit from the evil yet talented Teagan White.

Envy Never Looked so Good!

Envy Never Looked so Good!

To paraphrase André three triple 0 we prayed so hard that we need some knee pads, *pause for man porn intermission – we love Kelis and all, but let’s stay focussed on André…drooool*

We mean what the hell… seriously, what the hell – we were so disgusted when we saw Wit & Wisdoms designs that we had to question the rhyme and reason.  What kind of Supreme Being shenanigans are these – allowing people to possess far superior design skills and witty repartee than us??? ‘You are sweeter than bees vomit’ we should be delivering this one liner – not them!

For freaking reals, other than the penny sweets that we used to steal on the way to church, what was the big deal, and when you think about it the cavities that we got out of that devil’s bargain were an adequate punishment.

However, it seems that divine retribution is a gift that keeps on giving *sigh with a tear in the eye*.  Wit and Whistle, you make us wanna wet our whistle with hard liquor with alongside some Columbian icing sugar – we are hating on you!

Envy never looked so good!

Envy never looked so good!

Well, it is all about envy worthy collaborations Jenna  is the Pina, to Lela’s Colada, the peaches to her cream, the Jordan to her Peter (seriously even in separation is like they work as a world class tabloid relay team, each one passing the baton onto the other in an eternal relay of gutter press coverage, titbits, and dodgy fake tans).

However, in this gorgeous set up there isn’t a dodgy Day-Glo orange line in site, only the sweet illustrated lines, and gorgeous kerning of the joint project that Madame Jenna and Madame Lela have embarked on; a set of gorgeous cards entitled the ‘Lucky in Love’ range.which are perfect for Valentine’s Day, Anniversaries, Birthdays, I Love You and Weddings.

This brand spanking new range also features a limited edition run of cards containing an antique silver sixpence, making them the ideal keepsake for the ‘Bride to Be’.  The short version of this article would be that we hate both of them, but where is the descriptive fun in that?

For further details, all you sweets get  Jenna Schiller at info@luckysixpence-events.com