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Monday Lovely Monday!

Monday Lovely Monday!

We are back to Monday with is deliciously and lovely, and this is mainly due to the fact that it is blue sky beautiful this morning!  Like Roy Ayers said ‘Everybody loves the sunshine!’ I’m also back from the absolutely incredible Pronovias 2014 Fashion Show!  I also had the chance to meet some absolutely incredible bloggers and I’m still coming down from my fan girl moment of being in touching distance of Amy from the fantastic Wedding Chicks.

I will have a full post to share on the show, and I will also do a little behind the scenes rundown for you too! All I can say it was epic – and the more you get to see how hard a brand or company works, it really elevates your respects and shows that behind all the tulle, beauty and creativity – an astronomical amount of hard work happens.



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So, Monday begins with a touch for truth – on one of my little digital skiving one of my facebook friends shared this article about James Rhodes.  So today’s true dat is find what you love and let it kill you.  If my demise is going to be made of confetti, design, decadence and beauty – then I’m grateful to be having the best death ever!

Ryan Polei_0010

This week’s crush is Jon Kortajarena, who was the very handsome surprise at the end of the Pronvias 2014 show.  More on that and him later!

The link love goes to:

Red and Gold Wedding inspiration via Bridal Musings

Polka Dots, Ice Cream & Rockabilly Babes via Rock n Roll Bride

Rifle Paper Inspired Cake via Belle Amour

Caitlyn and Matt// Engagement Shoot via Brooklyn Bride

Engagement with a Blue Piano via Green Wedding Shoes


Scheming and Dreaming

Scheming and Dreaming

We’ve been sighing and dying over this drool worthy image that we spied on the book of Face, courtesy of November Lily.  . Who we hope you remember from the stunning ‘Love Actually’ shoot that we shared earlier this year.  Time for you to scheme and most certainly we hope – dream!

Image found via: November Lily Facebook

Monday Lovely Monday

Monday Lovely Monday

So, a few weeks ago I was one the most vocal whiners, part of the sulky curmudgeon delegation who were bemoaning the destruction of our day to day civilisation, the invasion of our transport lines, and the Olympics. If anyone out there is making humble pie, I will willingly eat a massive portion a la mode.

Because, I’ve turned into the biggest fan ever doing that really annoying thing of yelling at the TV, doing some distinctly dodgy dancing, and jumping like a lunatic so the follow of the week has to be the Olympics, it is the most epic display of discipline, dedication, camaraderie and all that good stuff.  Utterly amazing and an absolute blast of positivity that we needed! So the follow and hero’s are combined it is a whole lot of Olympic love.

So, this week’s link love goes to…

Get some higher paper learning – there is so much to paper beyond the design… learn the legal ins and out and how to be a paper girl supreme with The Paper Girls – Lucy Ledger and Sugalily

This week’s other paper girl is Rock n Roll Bride with Issue 2 of Rock n’ Roll Bride Magazine – see all the pretties on sexy paper!

DIY Tags with water colour via Eat Drink Chic

For Emily in Brooklyn via Emily Dye

New York City Elopement via Grey Likes Weddings


Monday Lovely Monday

Monday Lovely Monday

Oh my gawd… six months down and six to go, it’s July, and I am going to disgust you with a rather heinous statement – I’m starting my Christmas shopping for reals!

I am gradually making my list, checking it twice for those who are naughty and nice.  I mean I don’t know why I am surprised that it is July as to be frank every year is comprised of 12 months.  I’ve had a calendar telling me what day it is, so it hasn’t really sneaked up on me.  But, still July, really, like REALLY!

So other than expressing surprise; I’ve had my design head down and I’ve some projects that I’m wrapping up which I will be sharing soon.  Lots of pretty things have been making, baking and shaking in my little corner of the universe.  Swiftly moving on before I start boring you with fonts, kerning, and coding – It is time for me to elucidate you on the things that I like this week.

Let us begin…

This week’s heroes: Sports people!

Photo by Chris Boland / www.distantcloud.co.uk

This seems to be a super sport summer with  us having seen the tail end of the Euros, and both the Olympics plus Wimbledon popping off at the moment.  So, here’s a salute to the discipline and dedication that it takes to get this level.  I salute you… (says Amma who is only just able to run 1K without keeling over.

The follow of the week is: @JTmillinery I was raving about them on the blog last Friday.  Jane Taylor Millinery are a must follow.  I am in love with their exquisite designs.  Big Love!


And the link love:

Well if you are in England or Wales you can get married whenever you want!  It’s nice that – via BBC

Gorgeous DIY by Berin Made via Love My Dress

A gorgeous Black & White Wedding – Sab & Erkam via OMG I’m Getting Married

The Stunning Wedding of Mary-Lyn & Rowan via Southbound Bride

Wall Photos on Marianne Taylor’s Facebook Page – pixel pimp for real!