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Sprinkles, Ribena & Cake!!!!

Sprinkles, Ribena & Cake!!!!

In the Land Beyond Beyond we do cake for Breakfast and this morning we have decided that it is sweet nomnomnom from the breaking of the dawn.  We snapped out of bed this morning and cake was on our radar and we have a double dose of the delicious from the incredibly talented Steph of Raspberri Cupcakes.

The first item on the lick your computer monitor list is the Purple Ombre Sprinkle Cake, on the real – if we hadn’t of applied a self administered slap we would have stared agog at this bad boy all day.  Look at it, gradient colour, RIBENA JAM!!!! (We got some explaining on that one), and SPRINKLES…don’t get out of town; get out of the stratosphere with that!

Then the Piece de Resistance from this culinary assassin RIBENA CUPCAKES!!! We do not talk with a forked tongue – seriously RIBENA CUPCAKES… can we get an amen and hallelujah for RIBENA CUPCAKES.  Our childhoods were all about the blackberry stuff as we were too young for the black stuff; Guinness became a friend at a later stage.  However, we glugged a 50/50 mix of Ribena and H20 (we all did it; wait for the rents not to be looking and create a hyperactivity inducing diabetic coma style bena syrup cocktail).  But, clearly we salute Steph’s genius as she captured the berry goodness of Ribena in the form of a cupcake.

So Ta dow!!!! Eat with your eyes, and you know the coup you bake these and make these, then you need to send some our way.  Can we get another amen as these are sacrilicious!  Another massive thanks to the talented Steph we wish we were Sydney based as we are the best leftover cake mix eaters in the business. Mmmmm raw cake mix *drool*

Spuriousness in the form of the Amen break!