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The Mason Jar Addiction 3.0 // Masons of Light

The Mason Jar Addiction 3.0 // Masons of Light

October 6, 2011  |  Found and beautiful, Inspiration  |  24 Comments

Lately, all we can do is go on and on about Mason Jars, and we think that instead of being the old lady who lives with a squillion cats, we might be the old ladies who live in a house filled with mason jars.  Their ba-ack! (in fact the amount we go on about Mason Jars might lead you to believe that this is an outpost for illuminati/ or the Free Masons and it isn’t *said while holding and in a very unnatural position possibly a secret signal?  Yes, let the conspiracy theories roll).

But, this time in the form of lanterns, oh the glass goodness, oh the little orbs of light, oh the gorgeousness of the pulsating flame encased by paper and glass.  We love, perfect decor for both indoors and outdoors – especially for those trying to catch the last dregs of warmth that the UK has left.  Gorgeous! From Used & Abused, now that is a habitual linestepping store name that we can get down with!