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Monday Lovely Monday

Monday Lovely Monday

Good Morning you lovely Monday people! How are we doing?  You know each week I apologise and go right back to disorganised shenanigans.

Well, yup I’m doing it again!  I tells you restructuring is always a bee+yotch (but I am getting there!)

However, unlike Rob Ford – I am not blaming my evil twin I’m taking responsibility for my shizz.

So, I’m not bringing you flower or stretching to buying jewellery you deserve diamonds but I can only give you cubic zirconia. However, I can most certainly give you some hot links and a mixtape.

I’m not going to do a ‘Say Anything’ style by playing a mixtape over the top of my head from a ghettoblaster – but trust me my intentions are since.


This is my fab five of things that I loved this week!

Vineet & Dan’s gorgeous engagement via Green Wedding Shoes

An intimate family only wedding via The Wedding Chicks

Wes Anderson Inspired stationery via Grey Likes Weddings

Big Fat Hungarian Wedding via Boho Weddings & Events

The North Carolina Wedding of Michael & Kelli via Munaluchi Bride

The Crush

In a world of Pinterest perfect images where the food is laid out at various right angles, usually on a wooden or slate table, with salt/flower/herbs* delete as appropriate – and to be honest the picture is potentially better than the way that the food tastes.

A chef who keeps the meal real is a rare gem that must be extolled.  Forget about those pin princes and princesses.  This week’s crush is the delightfully inappropriate Aunt Fee.  She is what food bloggers should aspire to be and she is a little bit awesome. PS this is NOT WORK SAFE!

It’s time to throw some Monday shapes with a mixtape with a touch of new Queen Bey + the Minaj.  So, if you can get away with dropping while it’s hot at the desktop then feel free to do so.  I’ll see you a little later for a bit of cake.

Monday Lovely Monday 1.16 from Beyond Beyond on 8tracks Radio.

Adios lovers!

Monday Lovely Monday

Monday Lovely Monday

Good + Morning

*does a little yawn and scratches anatomy*

Summer weekends are hella busy…

The friends and family double one-two mean that I am in the mood for sleep – but no rest for the wicked and I must be make-Lucifer-blush wicked.

*looks at to do list with mild disgust*

But, by the time I factor in that I can work from home in various states of undress/or pajama-ness it makes the fact that the nap time fairy is tap dancing on my eyelids a little easier to deal with.

So, in an effort to wake myself and up, here are some of the wondrous things that I found on the internet.  This should be the pretty equivalent of a double espresso shot, so loves – let us begin!


{The photographic glory goes to:  Chris Cooney via Belle Amour}

Bohemian 4th of July Engagement vi a Green Wedding Shoes

Sparkly Disco Ball Wedding via Rock n Roll Bride

Top circle details via Brooklyn Bride

A Sunny Garden Gala Wedding via Belle Amour

Orchid and Watercolour Wedding Inspiration via Bridal Musings

Monday Lovely Monday 1.15 from Beyond Beyond on 8tracks Radio.

Monday Lovely Monday

Monday Lovely Monday

Well, good morning lovers and lovelies.  We are officially on the best day of the week – because I have come to give you treats and assorted goodies.  It’s also a blue sky which is all to the good, so let us get right into dear hearts and talk link love, crushes, mixtapes: it’s time to get this Monday Lovely Monday started.

Oh and as a design P.S some updates coming in a few areas of the site.  Keep them peeled I have so many wonderful things to show you!


{The photographic glory goes to: Laura Gordon Photography }

Michelle Roth Bridal Collection via Munaluchi Bride

Wanaka Winter Wedding by Bayly & Moore

Christian Louboutin’s 2014 Spring/Summer Campaign via Inside the Lovely

Glitter Feather Centrepiece via A Practical Wedding (Plus I love that new design)

Valentine’s inspired shoot via The Bride’s Cafe

The consumerist in me is cock-a-hoop about these little pretties (and no cock-a-hoop isn’t anything dirty – it’s just the way that I linguistically roll half Victorian pimp/and certified hip hop gangster).  But, these are so cute and I love a bit of ear candy; I’ve got 6 holes to fill (and that isn’t meant to be dirty either). Arrow stud earrings from a land called ASOS.

Arrow Stud Earrings

Monday Lovely Monday

Monday Lovely Monday

It’s Monday o’clock and that makes it time for something pretty to come this way.  My weekend was the usual friends and frolics arrangement.

Plus extra added work as I’ve got a bundle of projects that I am working on under my design moniker Haboglabo – check out the portfolio which is about to undergo a bit of a revamp and a I’ve got loads of gorgeous new projects to add.

There are also a few design and backend updates that it would be good for you to keep your peepers peeled for and of course the next edition of the magazine is due out… I think I need me a clone. But, I love what I do so it is all happy making.  But, after than intro to my shenanigans I guess you deserve some link love (way better than my to do list…Yes?)


{image via Belle Amour – Dolce & Gabbana)

Italian Fashion and Music inspired wedding via Rock n’ Roll Bride

All the pretties: Little Gold Circle via Festival Brides

Rustic chic wedding of Alan & Helen via Love and Lavender

In the Pink Wedding Inspiration via Bijou Bride

Beauty and the Bride Summer Flower Crowns via Belle Amour


This week I am crushing on hotsteppers… MURDERERS! Forget the FROW it is all about the bad mother shut your mouths stomping up a storm.  Fashion week is super delicious!

Mixtapes and Mondays go together like lie ins and Sundays / Sundaes and Sundays, anyhoo because I love you all year long I make you a mixtape every week… not just for Valentine’s day. I’m more sincere than the rest…

XO you beautiful people and the get down on it download will be with you in a wee while, crocodiles!

Monday Lovely Monday Session 1.8 from Beyond Beyond on 8tracks Radio.