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Envy Never Looked so Good!

Envy Never Looked so Good!

Do you know we sing at stationery – not ours, other peoples – the song that we were trilling with a super bass was some old school H-Town at this sweet suite from Seven Swans – because it is a thin line between love and hate.

Seven Swans_0037

You know us we don’t just drink haterade, we bathe in it, shower in it, do the backstroke in it… in fact we have a swimming pool filled with gallons for stuff.  We will stop the babble and actually get to a point finer than the head of a needle.

Seven Swans_0036

The people who have us doing lengths in the Olympic sized pool of hate with armbands – are Seven Swans.  We don’t player congratulate – we simply hate and we don’t care whose happy day it is.  Outshining us is just not cricket!

Seven Swans_0039 Seven Swans_0038


Best of the Guest: Monochrome & Supernovas

Best of the Guest: Monochrome & Supernovas

It’s fashion time lovers… so let’s do this!


Oh what a friend we have in ASOS – we love this sparkly number.  It’s a supernova (but not a champagne one!) ASOS Salon Supernova Heeled Sandals.  We think you might love us for finding a wide heel for a change as opposed to having you totter on toothpicks.


{Image and film via The Story Of Us}

A crew in vintage… oh how we love, not just like. You’ll love the way that they move in they move in this wedding film over on the gorgeous Bridal Musings.


Okay it isn’t a perfect match for the shoes (is there such a thing as a perfect match anyway) but we do love this dress from Hobbs and it’s on sale – it’s a monochromatic beauty. The Invitation Leanna Dress.


{Image via Eyeshadow Lipstick: Vogue China 2011}

The bride needs something blue – and you can be the blue something.  Get your blue eyeshadow learnings on with this one from Makeup by Jackie


Parted Ponytail? Why yes get your crowning glory all sleep we spied this tutorial over on a Cup of Jo – the photographic glory goes to her side of cyberspace too! However, if you need some video-oh then  you can have a look at this tutorial from American Vogue.

As the dress is monochrome we are going all matchy-matchy with monochrome nails.  We like these talons courtesy of Stephyclaws

Naomie Neoh

Naomie Neoh


There are many splendored dress things from design world of Naomi Neoh – we love this image from the Love Letters collection which is due to launch in September.  We also need a bit of a scheme and a dream too.  See the full collection on the Naomi Neoh website.

Monday Lovely Monday

Monday Lovely Monday

Good Morning and good Morning, how are we this super fine day? A little too exuberant for first thing on Monday – well I’m happy to hug it out, pass you some tissues and pour the sympa-tea.  There, there dear hearts – it’s the first part of a mountain to climb and we will get there.

So, now that I got the non standardised greeting out of the way – I guess that leads us onto the True Dat part of proceedings.

Get your shine on, glimmer like you are part of the firmament and shine like a diamond.



Time for you to get your download on:


For iPhone 4

For iPhone 5

For iPhone, iPod Touch

For Android

and if you’d like a mixtape to keep  you company this morning have a little mix from my mistress Eat Play Love

Eat Play Love Monday Session 1.1 from Beyond Beyond on 8tracks Radio.

Which brings us to lush time crush time…


It’s all about Tilda Swinton – she oozes cool and I love it!, you can read all about her on Self Titled Magazine.

The link love goes to:

Candy Coloured Youth Hostel Wedding via Rock n Roll Bride

Laura and Nick via Green Wedding Shoes

A UK/Australian Wedding via Whimsical Wonderland Weddings

A Stylish Town Hall Wedding via London Bride

Boho Blues via b.loved