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The Gorgeous Family Farm Wedding of Erik & Jess 2.0

The Gorgeous Family Farm Wedding of Erik & Jess 2.0

July 3, 2014  |  Love Shoots, Real weddings, UK Weddings  |  1 Comment

Well it is sequel time it’s your choice of weapon either you can rubberneck with popcorn – we like ours sweet but we’re not into butter, that’s what imbibing liquid is for we only do greasy hands for chicken, we digress!


You can turn you finance/to-don’t list into confetti and throw it at you screen.  Don’t lie to us or little baby Jesus/Buddha/Zoroaster… pick a deity any deity at all.  We so know that you are viewing this at work.  However, you are entitled to have a little skive and continue on with the rest of Erik & Jess rather gorgeous DIY wedding.

To learn a bit more you can take yourselves over to yesterday’s post, however those of you who are in a less cerebral mood can just look at the super pretty pictures.  Let shutter loveliness from John Hope Photography continue!

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The India meets Japan Hint of Hawaii Wedding of Ken & Ami

The India meets Japan Hint of Hawaii Wedding of Ken & Ami

Ain’t no wedding like an eclectic wedding we have smidgen of Hawaii, some traditional Indian (specifically Gujarati) and a hint of Japan – all together it makes wedding awesome!  And it is straight from the lens Jamie Zanotti Photography of The be-yoooo-ti-ful bride shared:


“Ken and I met back in February 2011. I am from outside of Philadelphia, PA, and was making my way across the country to try a new city and Ken had moved to Portland from Honolulu, HI, where he grew up.

Our first date was at Tea Chai Te, and we hit it off as we shared mint moroccan green tea and 2 hours of conversation. Things took off from there, and the following year, Ken proposed at Kelley Point in North Portland, representing how we came together in Portland from such distant origins just as the confluence of the rivers come together at Kelley Point.


It wasn’t long before we were preparing for our wedding. Ken is 1/2 Japanese and has been studying a Japanese style of flower arranging, called Ikebana, for 8 years. He, along with his sensei (teacher) and a few helpers, arranged all of the flowers and planned the set-up for our wedding all in the style of Ikebana. I am of Indian heritage and so the actual ceremony and dress was of traditional Gujarati (the ethnic group in India to which I belong) style. Building on this immersion of cultures, we decided to have Japanese food (sushi), Indian food (samosas and chaat), as well as American food (Pizza!) at the wedding.”

Time to let shutter candy begin!

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Ashley & Dominic's Koh Samui 10 Year Vow Renewal

Ashley & Dominic’s Koh Samui 10 Year Vow Renewal

It’s about the old made new – it’s a renewal in Koh Samui *location envy sigh* and all this gorgeousness is straight out the lens of Cherry May Photography and the gorgeous couple are Ashley and Dominic.

Ashley Dominic Vowel Renewal Koh Samui Thailand Cherry M-Ashley Dominc-0050

We’ll hand over to the born again bride, Ashley and let her share her re-wedding experience:

My dress was a wedding dress from Monsoon, which was an unworn wedding dress on ebay! BARGAIN. I then had it altered to suit my style, changing up the back into a more racer back form and dropping the neckline. I added a broach at the back to pull it in and show my back a bit more. I then added a vintage wedding dress lace around the waist as a sash. 

Ashley Dominic Vowel Renewal Koh Samui Thailand Cherry M-Ashley Dominc-0001


My headpiece I made myself from fake flowers I bought from a lovely florist, local to me.
Of course I did my own hair and makeup. 

Dom wore some skinny chinos I bought him and a lovely Nautica shirt I bought him. I thought he looked very handsome and comfortable. I didn’t want it to be too contrived. It all was so lovely and perfect.

Ashley Dominic Vowel Renewal Koh Samui Thailand Cherry M-Ashley Dominc-0082

And… not only did she make her own flower crown, this resourceful Mrs (well she is a make up Artist – check her out!  Primp Powder Pout did her own beautiful face she shared:  I used : Benefit ‘they’re real’ mascara and bareminerals mineral veil as well with barryM eyeliner and maybelline eyeshadow. I also used Enrapture Totem styler on my hair

So, this is shutter candy 2.0!  Enjoy the gorgeous vowel renew shutter candy right here and right now!

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The Wonderful Wedding of Linnea & Bryce

The Wonderful Wedding of Linnea & Bryce

January 7, 2014  |  Love Shoots, Real weddings, US Wedding  |  5 Comments

Yo y’all it is handkerchiefs at the ready for the first Beyond Beyond wedding of the year *muffled sob*


So, who are the lovely couple – who are the gorgeous nuptial devils cummin atcha via the screen? Well the drool-some twosome and the drool worthy day is that of Linnea and Bryce.  And, of course as ever being shutter candy fiends we are suitably transfixed by the beautiful images lensed by Seattle Based Photographer, Sahara Coleman.


Sahara shared:

This summer I had the privilege to photograph a truly beautiful wedding in my own home town on Whidbey Island. I have to admit, this was one of those weddings that I found myself getting nervous and sick over.


The weather had been terrible in the week leading up to that day, the bride’s hair person hadn’t shown up yet, and the groom was watching the soccer game up until five minutes before it was time for us to start portraits. I thought for sure I had a challenging day ahead of me…I’ve never been so pleased to be so wrong in my life.


The thing about these two amazing people is that they are the most laid back, and genuine human beings I have ever had the pleasure meeting. As long as they were together, it didn’t matter what happened that day, or how anything worked out (this quickly became evident to me when Linnea allowed Bryce to ROW her to the ceremony in a small wooden boat a quarter mile across the water “if we fall in, then we fall in”). I could only hope to find a love like that some day. The wedding took place on Whidbey Island, WA. It couldn’t have been more perfect.

With those lovely words it’s time for you to be transported to a lovely wedding!  Let shutter candy begin!

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