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Best of the Guest // New Phase Chelsea Girls

Best of the Guest // New Phase Chelsea Girls

We have a penchant for things from Chelsea, we are team MIC when it comes to tel-lie-vision.

And we are all about Chelsea when it comes to this sumptuous new collection Chelsea Collection from Phase Eight.  Chelsea has a Sixties flavour is all about the Modern Mod.

Our picks are: Sally Spot Dress; Slinky Bangles; Kia Clutch Bag

The photographic glory goes to: Eyeshadowlipstick.com

 We are going hardcore for Noir lovers, we love the look and we thought this tutorial would give you all that you want and needs. Be a Mod with a touch of the gothic in a tutorial that takes you to the darkside from Sun Kiss Alba

The illustration glory goes to: Laura Laine via The Telegraph

Make your locks bee-have with a beehive! We love this Largerfeld and Prada inspired look! (we apologise for the pun but we have a character disorder).

We didn’t want to go full on with the black with the talons, so we are loving the black French mani! We love this tutorial from Yummy Nails this is very blinged out; but you could always pare down this tutorial not be a rhinestone cowgirl!

We love a bit of champers, and a personalised bottle for the lovely couple is gift-tastic!  We love it! The bubbly is from Intervino.

Best of the Guest // All Saints and Sinners

Best of the Guest // All Saints and Sinners

Oh we are all a little tainted aren’t we, but we’ve found a sartorial route to sainthood.  Forget ‘Hail Mary’s’ and ‘Our Fathers’ your clothes will make all the atonement that you need.  As you can be an All Saint.

We are all about All Saints in todays best of the guest edit.  Oh and we can’t not have some spurious All Saints.

Since we can pretty much ignore any  delusions of Summer lasting anymore that 2 – 3 hours maximum, every  other fortnight – then focusing on Autumn wear isn’t as depressing as it could be!

Our pick has to be the Diaghilevi Dress, with it’s blingy little friends we love the Centeme Earrings, and Centeme Bracelet.

The photographic glory goes to: Eyeshadowlipstick.com

We are all about deep purple eyes. So, if you want to find out to rock this look then you might want to have a goosey gander at this tutorial from Queen of MUA.

Image credit: Rex Pictures

The hair is all about Kriss Krossing – but it has nothing to do with jump.  We love this segmented ponytail.  Pimping a basic ponytail beyond the mundane and giving some good crossover.  You know us, if you want to know how to get the do did.  Grab a comb, create your sections, start with the ponytail at the top, working your way down and adding more sections. Et Voila lovers, triple pony!

The photographic glory goes to: pshiiit.com

Its crouching tiger, hidden nail colour – you can always flip on them.  Inspired by Louboutin we love these red bottom nails.

We hope that this is heartwarming, and not heart freezing, but we love this cool (we swear no pun intended) giclee frozen heart print from Angela Callahan


Best of the Guest // H&M Glamourous Concious Collection

Best of the Guest // H&M Glamourous Concious Collection

Welcome to hump day you lovely fashionistas, you gorgeous lot – it is outfit time and do you know who is killing if for the second time in best of the guest we have to doff our caps to H&M who are thrilling us with their new range – The Glamorous Conscious Collection.

Which very nearly rendered us unconscious and required us to have a big old dose of smelling salts; we Love all of these – and if Hollywood loves it, then of course it is guest worthy!  So far Michelle Williams and Viola Davis have been rocking these lovelies – So get ready for April 12th when these lovelies will be released in 100 stores worldwide only!

Some of these are wed-worthy – interesting maybe the dress for the big day might be from H&M, there will only be 1000 pieces of each dress – they are limited editions once gone, they will never return again!

It had to be all about the ruffles, seriously – there will be a wedding shoot this year that has a bride wearing this dress and we for one can’t wait to view it!

The photographic glory goes to Amber Gray Photography

Get your make up on with the tutorial from The Makeup Chair…

Well, since we are going texture crazy – we love these crazy bubblicious nails courtesy of Ciate.  These beauties are all about the super luxe and surely a dress this luxurious and textured is deserving of nails that are equally textured.  Love the decandance of these!  Don’t eat caviar lovers – it is all about the nail caviar!

These beauties haven’t been released yet – but they will be priced at £18 and these lovelies come in White, Black, and multicoloured goodness!

It should be about making waves old school fingerwaves and Lana Del Rey inspired waves

Something cutiful and beautiful for the newlyweds to lay their lovely heads on – yup we think that this works!!! The just married Pillow Case Set fromTwisted Twee via  Not on the High Street

Best of the Guest // The French Connection

Best of the Guest // The French Connection

Every so often we like to show off our Gallic linguistic skills however knowing a line from Lady Marmalade, and being able to ask for a Croque Monsieur are the closest that we get to being able to showcasing our French ability.  So, in our tenuous efforts to stretch into all things French our best of the guest has to be about the new Premium range from French Connection.  It is a wedding guest Cornucopia we tell you!

The new range is the Venn diagram of glamour and relaxation (seems like a contradiction in terms) but this lovely capsule collection is all about hand embroidery to give the collection a ‘luxe’ look.

And you know us the original photography Stans – we simply couldn’t help ourselves, and we so needed to show off more o’ the lovely.

So, now that we’ve drooled over some pictures it is now time for us to build an outfit! We kept it to a three item maximum as the dresses are so intricate and gorgeous, they don’t need to be overwhelmed.

You just need to be the Bawse!  Our style picks are: 1. Eliza Beading Dress 2. Tiarella Patent Ankle Courts 3. Samara Sequin Bag

Photography by Gavin O’Neill

With the make up – we say go gold and make sure you always believe in your soul.  Do the Golden Eye thang with this tutorial.

We don’t have the requisite skills to pull off one of our usual nailed sketches… these be awesome.  We spied these on the amazing Love Maegen, be sure to check out her blog and see how to bling up your nails in full!  We love the decadence, darlings!

Better than a sticky bun (well sort of) a messy bun!

And the gift… wethinks this week that all nuptial gifts are gonna be Royal Albert related. See more of the gorgeousness and the range on our earlier post this week. Perfect gift giving darlings!