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Me, Myself & Te

Me, Myself & Te

The only thing better than Me, Myself & I (Hello De La xoxo)

is Me, Myself and Te – yes lovelies is paper + origami + 3D which makes for awesome.  We love these as they are a fun twist on traditional toppers.  We don’t even want to imagine the paper cuts that went into the making of these cute creations!

All we can say is that we love!!!  So, it all about beautiful stuff that folds – all kinds of papery ooh la la going on! See more paper pretties at Me, Myself and Te’s online store.

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I'm the big kahuna with the whole shebang. Amma = Idiot + Savant. Also known as Ams, Amsy, and less frequently Adjubi . Nice to make your acquaintance. I write in the first, second, third and sometimes disembodied person (Bet it will confuse the life out of you).



  1. Thank you dear Amma for yesterday’s shout out!

    Much appreciated : )

    ps: Paper cuts aren’t so bad

  2. Amazing! I love them!!! Just went to the top of my list of wedding toppers…

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