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September 9, 2011  |  Inspiration, The Follows

Happy Freeday!  Free at last, free at last! oh sweet lord almighty I am free at last!  I don’t know why I am celebrating Friday, as my to do list is bigger and fatter than the patootie of Miss Nicki Minaj.  But, look out weekend here I come – enter the spurious Black Eyed Peas track…

Damn, this song makes me yearn for BEP of old pre Fergie *sigh* whether it is the Royal Family, or a music group anyone one called Fergie entering the mix is a bad omen! You might want to rewind that video, as shock of shocks – they actually rap!!!! With not a trace of the evil of autotune *gives side eye to T Pain and Kanye I blame you*

Anyway, getting off the topic of sulking about the destruction of hip hop music, and its current unholy alliance with badly created electro –  onto the follows.  This follows is dedicated to some poor, injured and damaged shutter candy purveyors – what are you lot like, you just keep breaking parts of your bodies – ouch!  So, get well wishes go to the following shutter candy pimps

This weeks follows go to:


@Lisajanephoto she is just about managing to squeeze her feet into her converse, but despite being a bit battle scarred this lovely tog is still pushing out the lush photographic stuff.  Check out her blog it if full of loads, and loads of glorious photography!

@ShelldeMar Yup, there is another one breaking the limbs of her body *sigh* poor thing once again she is a wonderful little shutter bug, you can see her lushness but she is another fallen soldier.  You can check out her sublime pictures on her blog. *sobs* Poor injured thing!

@Babbphoto Oh Laura, she had septum surgery and the lovely lady has managed to hit herself in the face on at least three occasions since (I know I am cheating as I have featured her in the follows before – but rules are meant to be broken!) You can see her lovely work right thurrr…

So, all of you on three I want you to use your powers of concentration and send healing vibes to this battered, bruised and broken crew – if Uri Geller can heal people using group thought I think that we are in with a chance here people!

Now the only uninjured person of interest on my follows list is @justnoey – follow not only because she makes some pretty kickass stuff, (have a look-see at her etsy too) but she finds beautiful things and great videos and thank to the lovely lady I skived in the afternoon with 100 years of dance – watch and skive lovelies, it is freeday after all!

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  1. wow, 100 years of dance fab video-love it!! (in my costume days I would have loved to put all those outfits together)-so cool x

  2. 100 years of dance is aces – and I can’t wait to go to the new westfield!

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