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The Luscious Aruba Engagement of Loretta & Danny

You know we made a new edition of the magazine don’t you…

Well, we need to showcase a gorgeous duo that we were blessed to be able to feature in the magazine.

Forged in the North_0061

Give a Beyond Beyond welcome to the lovely and in love Loretta and Danny; they are the sweetest and we are giving you some of their gorgeous engagement shoot in Aruba. The stunning images are by Forged in the North, so check out a little bit of the gorgeous and learn more about this shoot and the couple in magazine.

Forged in the North_0051

Forged in the North_0052

Forged in the North_0053

Forged in the North_0054

Forged in the North_0055

Forged in the North_0056

Forged in the North_0057

Forged in the North_0058

Forged in the North_0059

Forged in the North_0060

Forged in the North_0062

Forged in the North_0063

Forged in the North_0064

Forged in the North_0065

The photographic glory goes to: Forged in the North

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