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The Theme // The Boutonnieres

The Theme // The Boutonnieres

Every so often in weddings, there is this strange bloke called a ‘groom’ and sometimes he may even have ‘groomsmen’ with him.  We have no idea why boys are allowed in weddings as they get in the way of all the things we love such as cake, dresses, and shoes.

Which is such a shame, – there is a way to have a boy free wedding and it is called a styled shoot!  We like those, but we have to give the man ‘dem so digital time.  But, then what stopping girls from having boutonnieres anyway? *shrugs*

It is a Boy zone – time for something glorious and spurious…

and we don’t mean them, or naughty Ronan *tsk, tsk*  Time to get your boutinniere on…

Top to Bottom: Photo by Sweet Little Photographs via Rock n Roll Bride, One Fell In (Plus DIY tutorial), Matthew Robbins Design via Amy Atlas Blog, Little Bay Stamping, I do novelty via Offbeat Bride, Our Labor of Love  via Snippet & Ink, Little White Dress, Melissa Schollaert via NYC Wedding Blog

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  1. Amma

    Just love these boutonnieres. Great post! Off to share it now:)


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