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Tuesday Shoesday

May 3, 2011  |  Inspiration, Tuesday Shoesday

Our favourite portion of the week is shoe porn day aka Tuesday shoesday. We really need to beatify the genius who not only rhymed Tuesday with Shoesday, but had dedicated a day of the week that allows us to luxuriate in foot candy while not feeling like foot fetishists. This weeks lushness comes from Nicholas Kirkwood and makes us want to do bad things to our wallet. Nicholas Kirkwood’s tasselled heels , £720 from nicholaskirkwood.com

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  1. Love the nautical tip of the hat and the jaunty tassel. But at that price tag, I’ll have to pass! x

  2. if you are stuck on a gift to buy for me for Christmas, hanukkah, my born day or blog mother’s day… be inspired 😉 http://su.pr/1uyw56

  3. hmm yes £720 is a lot for a pair of shoes but if you look at them like a piece of art…well its an investment!

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