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Weave Magic!

July 12, 2011  |  Found and beautiful, Inspiration

Now that title may lead you to believe that this is about hair, but it ain’t got nowt to do with do’s that contain more tracks than a remix.  But, in this case are about paper weaves  (no we aren’t talking about some new fangled bio hair that is linked to the murder of trees); we mean that old school craft of weaving paper, and weaving it geek style.

Apart from the awesome-sauce tutorial deets from Mini-Eco;  all you need is some strips of paper, the will to survive, and the design eye of the tiger –  if you can master the pain of paper cuts and keep moving forward then you will have been able to create an uber awesome gift topper.

A gift topper so awesome, that the bride will not notice that you are re-gifting the present that she got you in 2005.  With a gift topper this cool, you will be forgiven almost anything (murder included).  Go on, get yourself an edumacation and become a weaver.  That’s right y’all get your weave on.

The photographic and make glory go to: Mini-Eco

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  1. That is so cute and clever!

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