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Wrapped up in a Yarn…

April 28, 2011  |  DIY, Found and beautiful, Inspiration

Do you remember Splash when Madison says her name in freaky mermaid sonar language and it was like being washed in wire wool, whilst being doused in a mix of Dettol,lemon juice and line while having someone scratch a chalkboard with their nails.

You don’t… that is a low down dirty shame… go and hire it! Or watch this trailer. (You wanna be 2 minutes in)

Well that was the level of screaming that we reached when we saw these yarn wrapped monograms, you too can be a wrapper (although not of Jay Z standards) if you follow this rather superb tutorial offering. So, get you craft on and make something magical. Perfect DIY idea for wed worthy decor…don’t you think? Awesomeness is found via Evie S.

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  1. So cute, I can’t wait to try this out.

  2. haha that clip has made me laugh!

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